Sports Massage

What Is A Sports Massage?

Sports and Orthopedic Massage have similar techniques but differ in the objective of the session. This will include and begin with a complimentary consultation to see where you are at in that moment to be able to create a custom treatment plan for your individual needs.

Sports massage will depend on whether the athlete is in the pre-performance, maintenance, or rehabilitative stage and will be customized to that individual and their sport. Sports massage is typically used before, during, and after events as well as for maintenance during the off season.

This massage is highly recommended for athletes of all types, from professionals to the weekly jogger and weekend golfer. The purpose of receiving a sports massage is to reduce muscle tension and fatigue, increase flexibility, promote better biomechanics, and reduce injuries.

Sports massage utilizes multiple techniques including Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Structural Integration Methods, Joint Capsule Work, Massage Cupping, and Fascial Stretching to help increase joint range of motion and restore muscles to their proper resting length.

When integrated into a weekly training regimen, athletes may avoid DOMS (the pain and soreness post workout that can last 24 to 48 hours), refresh their muscles and fascia, and have increased focus before, during, or after events.

Sports Massage Therapy Diagram