About Bodysmith

Meet Ben Smith

I have always had a willingness to help people and found that helping people recover and prevent physical pain was my passion. I have personally experienced many injuries through my years of competitive sports including wrestling, mixed martial arts, and rugby and have experienced the benefits of bodywork firsthand. Not only do I take my clients physical health very seriously, I also apply my philosophies in my personal life.

My goal is to use a dynamic approach that incorporates stretching to not only help my clients when they are in a session, but to help them have the ability to help themselves so they can experience a higher quality of life. I completed my BSBA in Business in 2011 and my Massage Certificate in 2014. Halfway into the massage therapy program I began taking advanced orthopedic classes, studying Qi Gong, and have continued to take additional advanced training consistently to help evolve my practice and bring increased benefits to my clients.

Ben Smith at the beach with a freind

My Philosophy

My goal is to bring you bring your body back into balance through my knowledge and experience. I look at my clients from a wholistic viewpoint giving me perspectives from both western and eastern practices. I focus on the source of your pain or discomfort by working with the tendon and fascial chains, that is, your muscles connection to each other, bones, and other fascial connections throughout the body. Your body engages different fascial lines to create its movements which works great until there is a problem somewhere in the “chain” and the body starts compensating to make up for the restriction/issue.

We also need to start re-educating the nervous system, the importance of calming the nervous system is to allow it to release areas it is trying to protect, it responds to stresses on the body and does it best to hold it in a position it feels the least amount of discomfort in, which is great if your balanced, however, if your out of balance it will also believe that!

Working from the perspective of seeking the source of the pain or discomfort (including stiffness), in most cases, we can eliminate or greatly reduce your symptoms by realigning your body through soft tissue work and with easy at home exercises are able to prevent it from coming back.

Ben Smith in Honolulu Hawaii with a group of dancers

My Style

We start by adjusting your session to the consultation and goal at hand, usually working on an area of pain or discomfort, from there we also look at your body as a whole to determine the source of the tension/discomfort.  There are many techniques that I use ranging from Myofascial Release, Joint Capsule Work, Fascial and Soft Tissue, PNF and Active Isolated Stretching, Neuromuscular, and numerous Structural Integration/Orthopedic methods. I also add in Massage Cupping for alternate methods of releasing adhesions (stuck areas), and Kinesio Taping to help support muscles and the nervous system by holding improved postural soft tissue patterns.

These techniques all contribute to helping you prevent, maintain, or rehabilitate the body reducing or most often eliminating the pain by creating better balance in the soft tissue and neural networks by helping restore postural imbalances. This reduces tension throughout the body and takes pressure off the over compensating muscle groups resulting in less muscle fatigue, improved functionality, and greater ranges of motion.

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