Therapeutic Bodywork

Orthopedic Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork techniques focus on an individual’s joints, muscle tension, fascial restrictions, and joint range of motion. It is a unique approach using a combination of techniques with the goal of restoring structural balance and proper biomechanics. Improved range of motion helps you maintain better structural integrity reducing the amount of energy your muscles need to work, increases the flow of oxygen through clearer pathways, helps prevent overuse injuries from repetitive movements, and relieves tension off of areas that have been compensating or overworking.

By releasing restrictions in the soft tissue, we reduce or eliminate the pain and dysfunction allowing for better range of movement with the muscles and the joints. A combination of techniques from advanced structural integration courses are used including AIS/PNF stretching, Neuromuscular Re-education, Myofascial Release, Joint Capsule Work, and Deep Tissue Massage. At my office, people have been able to acquire swift and permanent results, even in some of the more challenging cases with the addition of specific home self-care protocols. This approach is for individuals looking for a non-medicational, non-surgical treatment approach for their injuries and pain that want results.

3 Elements of a Therapeutic Bodywork Session


We start with a complimentary consultation by assessing the client’s needs and current condition along with discussing past injuries. This is done so that we can be more accurate with the treatment protocol and help you obtain better results.

Therapeutic Bodywork

Therapeutic Bodywork is the majority of the session and includes all of the Manual Therapy and soft tissue manipulation for our current goal. This is followed up by a quick re-assessment to make sure we addressed your issue and to receive new information about where you are currently at and how we should proceed.


Education on self-care techniques for Stretching and Strengthening is the final step. This step is the most important in my opinion since this is what retrains the nervous system and allows the new ranges of motion and muscle position to hold in their corrected new pattern. In addition, when done properly, this will also balance out muscle groups and reduce or eliminate pain and tension through-out the entire body.


Anyone experiencing pain, soreness, fatigue, lack of range of movement, or noticing themselves in constant poor posture positions. Below I have listed some of the conditions Orthopedic Massage and Structural Integration (Therapeutic Bodywork) can help address or eliminate: